Prospective students may apply at any time during the year. All local applicants must have a personal interview with the director of admissions prior to admittance and initial enrollment. All admission requirements must be fully satisfied prior to matriculation.



Certificate and ESL programs:

Classes in non-degree programs are offered on a quarterly basis, with four quarters in an academic year. Please consult the college Admission Officer for detailed enrollment terms. Students must meet all admission requirements and must register prior to the beginning of each quarter.



Fashion Program


The Computer Fashion Design

The Computer Fashion Design Program provides students with knowledge of current fashion trends, design techniques, pattern making skills and cutting and processing skills in various fashion styles. Students will learn to draw a simple fashion sketch, step by step, from a basic fashion concept. Manual to advanced skills in the latest methods of computerized fashion design and pattern making are key elements of this program.

Fine Art

The Fine Art program offers students a strong foundation in drawing, design, painting, ceramics, photography, and graphic design. Students successfully completing the Fine Arts program are able to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental techniques and methods specific to the discipline and practical abilities from their art form.

Student Services

Academic assistance

Academic assistance
Academic assistance is available to all students upon request. Any student who is interested in obtaining tutorial services is encouraged to speak with her or his instructor or to contact the office of the Chief Academic Officer for assistance.


International Students

International Students If an applicant or a student has any questions regarding I-20, the Office of the Registrar is able to